Leonardo Facco

Leonardo Facco

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Former professional journalist, editor and writer. Co-director and founder of the newspaper "il MiglioVerde" and of the magazine "Enclave", he has been a collaborator of "Libero", "Il Foglio", "L'indipendente", "Il Domenicale" and other newspapers. He is the author of several essays, among which "Schiavi Fiscali" (Tramedoro), "Elogio dell'antipolitica" (Rubbettino Editore) and "C'era una volta il Che" (Simonelli Editore), "Liberalism and popular culture" (Tramedoro), "Coronavirus State of Fear" (Goware). He is the founder of the Libertarian Movement.

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NOV 7 - Other halls 11/09/2021 12:00 am
NOV 7 - Main Hall 11/09/2021 3:30 pm
12 PM - 1 PM

Trust in the system: Are we at a turning point?

NOV 6 - Other halls 11/06/2021 10:00 am
NOV 6 - Main Hall 11/06/2021 9:00 am