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The setting is that of a diffuse festival, enveloped in the charm of a prestigious location. The combination of Bridges with the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum enhances the internationality of the festival and the connection between technology and innovation.

The variety of locations allows visitors to create their own program and concept map based on their logistical preferences or by being guided by the system’s suggestions on meeting topics.


In addition to its own authority, Bridges is adding the authority of prominent industry figures who will echo the initiative. Keynote speakers and guests will have access to all events and reserved meetings in special locations.


Sponsors, knowledge partners, media partners, and product development partners are involved based on their willingness to participate, in a system that is selective in terms of quality and extremely pro-active in terms of engagement and inclusion.


Fundamental element of sustainability of the project, they are primarily carriers of value and content. Bound to the drive in terms of research and action that Bridges wants to represent, they are moved by the courage of experimentation and wisdom of the study.


What they say about us

The aspect that the participants in the first edition liked the most

The quality of the interventions and the guests, as well as the organization in general.

The bond that was created between people between one conference and another

The sense of community that was created within the event

The opportunity for discussion with industry experts and the opportunity to network both between one speech and another and on the occasion of the rightly informal aperitif.

The presence of absolutely competent speakers in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The concept of the Festival, that is to create "bridges" between people, working methods and different skills has been respected

The variety of speeches and the different points of view with which the bitcoin theme was treated

Organization and location, in addition of course to the contents


The danger of banality looms everywhere


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